Portsmouth home of the arts

As appeared in Portsmouth View, October 2017 edition.

Portsmouth is home to the arts and this month you can see just what a variety there is for everyone to enjoy.

The fifth “Created in Portsmouth” arts and craft trail will take place the weekend of 13- 15 October and will feature a number of exciting local artists showcasing work in their studios.

See the work of painter Lizzie Cornelius at her Hotwalls Studio, or Myrtle Clark Bremer at her home on Pelham Road. Popular graffiti artist, My Dog Sighs is exhibiting above the Wedgewood Rooms.

Details from their website

Along the way, make a stop at many of the area’s great cafes. There is The Canteen at Hotwalls, Bread Addiction on Elm Grove and Casa de Castro on Albert Road, as well as Hunter Gatherer further along near Highland Road.

Every third Wednesday of the month there is a free, drop-in interactive Story Time session at Fort Nelson. Great for the under 5s, the session on Wednesday 18 October start…

Art Walk in Southsea

Saturday is chores day, but I cannot miss the Created in Portsmouth arts and crafts trail, which saw local artists and crafters opening their studios to the public.

I had very little time so briskly made my way to Darlington Road, where bookmaker and paper artist Adrian Munday was opening his front room to showcase some of the fabulous books he has made. The photographs of the books were enticing enough, but to actually feel the books yourself was quite something. I know I have a thing about stationary, but these books were exquisite!

Adrian's mother Shirley also had her crafts on display and she was an amazing woman who has a passion of beading and embroidery. You cannot miss her enthusiasm for the crafts and she couldn't avoid infecting me with her delight in crafting. Safe to say that I could not walk away without purchasing one of her beautifully crafted beaded bracelet.

Having had such an inspiring visit with these two I thought it would be churlish to skip the studio on …

Slow cook Sunday

Now, of course Sunday lunch is what everyone talks about on Sundays. A chance to sit with the family, over a long hearty dinner, communing and getting ready for the week ahead.
I love to cook on Sunday and today I bought a large leg of lamb and made lamb apricot. The recipe is simple but the lamb has to stew for at least an hour and a half.
The sauce is made up of basic soffritto, or chopped onion, carrots and celery sticks. Added to it some tomato puree and chopped dried apricot which all combined into a lovely orange sauce at the end.
Keep the recipe simple, after all, Sunday lunch is about sharing and caring with your nearest and

Love, Nina

Just finished reading a book entitled "Love, Nina" and really enjoyed it. The title caught my eye as my niece is called Nina.
Written by Nina Stibbe, the book is a series of letters she wrote to her sister at home detailing her time working as a nanny in London.
Her language is fun and it makes a very effective autobiography. By putting in some conversation in dialog format she avoided awakward description and kept the story fresh and honest.
It's an interesting read and as a student of creative writing I find the style interesting. Dialogues are hard unless you have a very good command of personalities and tone of voice of various characters.
Have a read, it's funny in most part and a very diverting read.

Sole surviving D-Day landing craft gets restoration go-ahead

LCT 7074 to be focal point of The National Museum of the Royal Navy’s affiliate Portsmouth’s D-Day Museum thanks to £4.7m from The National Lottery

For the first time ever an original Landing Craft Tank (LCT) will be on display at the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth. This has been made possible thanks to an investment of nearly £5m from The National Lottery and has been planned to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the landings in two years’ time.

The D-Day Museum is an affiliate of The National Museum of the Royal Navy which is managing the project. Due to reopen in 2018 following a complete refurbishment, the D-Day Museum offers a much more in-depth narrative on the events that took place in ‘Operation Overlord’ on 6 June 1944 and looks specifically at the Royal Navy and how its crews coped on that day.

Over 800 LCTs with the capacity to carry 10 tanks or equivalent armoured vehicles were involved in ‘Operation Neptune’, the naval element of ‘Overlord’. The largest amphibious ope…

Portsmouth students help promote City to cruise ship companies

Students from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries produced an innovative 360 degree video to promote Portsmouth’s world-class tourist attractions to some of the most important decision makers in the cruise ship industry at Europe’s premier cruise expo, Seatrade Europe.

Portsmouth International Port is pushing for more cruise ship visits in the coming years and the video was part of a new #portsmouthtakesyouthere marketing campaign, highlighting a range of exceptional experiences offered in the City and on holidays from the port.

The new immersive 360 degree video has been produced with the University’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, giving students the chance to promote key sights and landmarks in the City. The interactive marketing material gives viewers the chance to get an all-round impression of some of Portsmouth’s most famous attractions.

Toby Meredith, Media Production Manager at the University of Portsmouth, said, “It has been a great opportunity for …

Ten-minutes prawn linguine

I just love to cook and it's nonsense when people say you need a lot of time to cook a meal. As a working professional with an equally busy social life, I do sometimes find myself having to rustle up something quickly.

You can find the following ingredients quite easily at your nearest Tesco Express:
Prawns - 150 g pack serves 2 generously and 3 at a stretch Linguine - 75 g per person Garlic - 1 clove, crushed and diced Red chilli - 1 medium, diced Butter - 25 g Parmesan - 25 g, grated Sliced spring onions, if available - it just makes the meal a bit more moreish Half a lemon

Boil some water in the pan and add the linguine. Set the timer to 10 minute as it takes the linguine 8-10 minutes to cook. Then melt the butter in a pan and add the spring onions, garlic and chilli. Fry it gently and as the timer shows 3 minutes to go, add the prawns and salt and pepper and drain the linguine into the pan with a little of the water to keep everything moist. Only cook the prawn for 3 minutes s…