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A morning of inspiration

A morning walk is a lovely thing to do while gathering ideas and thoughts, whether it be what to cook for dinner, what to wear to the wedding later on this summer or what shall I do with the rest my life.

There is no place like Southsea for such a morning walk. The air is relaxed and there are lots to see. I took a different path to walk this morning and went into some of the smaller side streets around Palmerston Road. I saw new style of houses and also new ideas of who my neighbours might be. A peek into their gardens also gives me inspiration on what to plant in mine.

The greengrocer on Marmion Road is quite small, but it gives you that home country feeling and the plants this morning just gave me the inspiration I need for the garden. If you see nothing there, walk into the Laura Ashley shop and browse their home products. They give you such a desire to plump up your lounge cushions and dust the curtains.

So by the time I got home for lunch, I was full of ideas.

Next time you are feel…