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Living with dementia

Today it's all about dementia. The newsletter on my inbox read:

World Alzheimer’s Day is taking place on 21 September 2015 and Alzheimer’s Disease International are encouraging everyone around the world to get involved in an event to help raise awareness of dementia and challenge stigma.

Here in Southsea we can join a new fortnightly session to be held at the King's Theatre (No. 28 Albert Road) to help people understand dementia more.

Red Sauce Theatre has researched and created a forum theatre piece that will help people to learn more about what it's like living with dementia.

This afternoon I had a quick chat with Rachel Goodall from Red Sauce Theatre and I hope to come along to her sessions as dementia affects us all and we both agreed that it's important to learn as much as possible and to have time to share our understanding and experiences with each other, particularly with those caring for people living with dementia.

Best Burgers in Southsea

Where can you get the best burger in town? My vote still goes to the ABar Bistro! The meat is very juicy.

Other places I can recommend for a good burger is Le Cafe Parisien. Here you can choose between a beef, chicken or vegetarian burger. Each topped with some lovely battered onion rings.

As people have preferences and probably been to many other places in Southsea, please feel free to add your recommendations in the comment space below.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Sudoku helps fill the time on a rainy day

It has been pouring down with rain today and as soon as it started looking like it would stop, it starts again! I have a book to read, so it's fine. But if you don't feel like reading what would you do?

You could do some Sudoku. It's not difficult and it does not require any skill in maths. All you are doing is filling in the spaces with numbers 1 to 9. The trick comes with the arrangements. Try the easy ones first and then move on to a more difficult ones. It's all about learning slowly how to spot for the answers.

It's a game young and old can do, but it does require some amount of memory. It can, over time, help you sharpen your memory too as you keep using that part of your brain.

You can find books and books of Sudoku or your daily papers would have them too. I only buy the papers once a week, but sometimes it has a bumper edition of games and there will be several Sudokus.

You can find Sudokus online too, where you can time yourself doing it and notice how mu…