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Southsea in the Summer

This town on the South of England comes into its own in the summer months. When the temperature reaches the 20's like today, you start dreaming of summer the Southsea kind...walking in the sunshine, picnic in the park and barbecue on the common among others.

As the day stays on longer I begin my summer evening ritual. First I abandon working shoes in favour of flip-flops to walk around the house.

Then I pour myself a long drink. It might be Pimms or Sangria. Something fruity with ice cubes. Sangria is simply 1/3 glass of wine, topped up with fruit juice and a bit of tonic to jazz it up.

It's time to enjoy the garden, either admiring the flowers, picking summer fruit or just sitting there with a book until it's dinner time.

Summer meals should not be something complicated. Today's grilled lamb brochettes took minutes to cook and eaten with the equally speedy couscous mixed with caramelised onion.

Maximise your time outdoors!