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Supporting local authors: JS Law

I have enjoyed supporting local authors. I think it's wonderful that Portsmouth is home to historically great authors like Kipling, Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and that tradition of great writing continues to today.

Author James Law launched his first book in August 2015 after a three-book deal with Headlines. Tenacity launch party was held in the atmospheric Royal Naval Submarine Museum in Gosport.

I worked with James for some publicity for this launch, pitching his story to BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, as well as securing radio and newspaper interviews locally.

BBC Radio Solent interviewed James on the Katie Martin programme, and he was also given air time on Express FM.

There was a small article and a photograph with the Lord Mayors of Portsmouth and Gosport in the Gosport Edition of the Portsmouth News. How many book launches can boast a two Lord Mayors in attendance?

The crowning glory was a two-page interview entitled "On the Right Side of Law" with a photog…

Science galore in Portsmouth 23-26 May

There are a number of excellent science and environmental events in Portsmouth next week!

Cafe Scientifique Portsmouth explores Lycopene, a red pigment from tomatoes and its role in cancer, with Dr Mridula Chopra.

Cancer remains a challenge to prevent and treat. Cancer preventive agents from natural source are of interest as they pose minimal adverse effects. Several dietary components have been highlighted in this respect. Population based studies have shown that individuals consuming lycopene (pigment that gives red colour to tomatoes) containing foods show lower incidence of cancer.

Dr Chopra, from the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Portsmouth, will talk about the mechanisms through which lycopene can inhibit the cancer related processes and relate this to the amount of lycopene that needs to be consumed and factors that can improve its bio-availability. She would also highlight other cancer preventive dietary components.

Date: Tuesday 24 May 20…

It's Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White

I love this time of the year when the trees are blossoming with the prettiest flowers. It must be photographers' dream as I could spend hours just clicking away hoping to capture the beauty.

I wish someday to travel to Japan to enjoy cherry blossom time. For now, I will enjoy these Southsea blossoms!