Political debate at local level

Suddenly all the politicians want is to get in touch with the public because there is an election coming. So candidates have jammed the post box with their flyers, containing photos of them smiling with happy residents. No doubt increasing the recycling statistics of this neighbourhood for a month!

The other day I received a card from one of them to say 'sorry to miss you when I came calling'. Where are they for the rest of the year and any other year? I had a telephone call wanting to know my vote. I'm not telling!

I think people will judge the candidates on their performance for the last few years in the seat of power. Speaking of which, I found our street is suddenly gleaming. Another attempt to win us over? Recently the council wrote to say that they have managed their finances so well that we don't need to increase taxes this year. The only conclusion being that the past few years they have mismanaged it very well!


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