Tweet-up and new friends

Well, Southsea had its tweet-up last night and this time over 15 people come along. So that was a major success.and the other one was that we all managed to get to know each other and draw inspiration from each other.

Mary, who is a poet and is writing a novel, was encouraging Emma, who runs Eden Florist in Old Portsmouth, to write about what she's passionate about. Emma was trying to find out what blogging is all about. So I had a nice chat with her too about her shop, her children and why the things she said would be the things I want to read in her blog. From this conversation I too learnt about what might be good to blog about.

As I chatted to various people I was trying to find something interesting to talk about. I can be quite shy, but since this tweet-up happened because Abby and I talked it up on Twitter, we had to do our part in making sure everyone was comfortable.

Someone passed around a list of who were there and no doubt a Facebook page or something similar will materialise. In the mean time we were glad that there was so much to talk about.

Andrew from Creatiques passed around the Wedding magazine that gave them the Retailer of the Year award. His gown and Emma's bouquet will be on the front page of the next issue. What an achievement!

Haley who runs AboutMyArea website was there with a few people she tweeted with. There were Chrissie and Anne who both work for a company publishing text for staff training. What they do sounded amazingly like a detailed and focused work. Mike was telling me about B2B website which was something I don't know very much about and James, who actually didn't tweet, was a full time photographer which made me curious as I wasn't sure what that means. Do you have a studio? I asked him...

I don't think I can name everyone, but we did have fun and cannot wait for the next tweet-up. Some people stayed even longer and had an even better time!


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