Cupcakes galore!

Today seems to be cupcakes galore as I found two people who chose to bake these little beauties. These bakers are local to Southsea too, so I thought I'll share with you what I found..

"Hannah Banana Bakery specialises in creating delicious cakes and sweet treats for Vegans and Gluten Free people" - now, I know this would be the answer to some of my friends prayer. How often do you have to abstain only because the beautiful thing make you sick? With Hannah's cakes, there should be no more worries. Hannah has just started her business this year. Check out her website and you will fall in love with her cakes.

Wedding cupcake by Hannah

The other talented baker I'd like to mention is Denise Allen who is a Twitter friend of mine. Her motto is "Delicious Cakes made with Love" which says it all. She started this as a hobby and look at where she is now! The nicest people I know, she also has a colourful blog here

Take a look at these sumptuous strawberries by Denise!

So the next time you have a birthday, wedding or christening, worry no more, as they can make your celebration all the more special!


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