Check out these 5 places for an afternoon tea in Southsea

Southsea is a lovely part of the big city of Portsmouth. It sits on the southern tip of the island and that’s where you should come down for a lovely day on the coast. There are lovely shops along Palmerston and Albert Roads and a nice walk along the pebble beach from historic Old Portsmouth to Eastney. 

It’s also wheelchair and pushchair accessible, so the whole family can enjoy a walk on the seafront. And once you’ve done that, what else to do but to sample some of the delightful cafes Southsea has to offer.

The Tenth Hole (023 9283 0009) 
Eastern Parade, Southsea PO4 9RF
If you start in Eastney, you will see a well-known establishment in Southsea, whose name is synonymous with cake. It’s cakes galore! The portions are large and the prices economical. The only problem is choosing one! Find out what Southsea has been talking about all these years.

Casa de Castro (023 9281 1883) 
96a Albert Road, Southsea PO5 2SN
I was wondering why a friend kept insisting I go with her to this cafe. Well, now I know. It’s a bijoux cafe with delightful cakes and quiches. An elegant little place with equally elegant offering it really is Southsea’s best kept secret. Just as well as I want to make sure to have a seat whenever I visit and have one of their Portuguese egg custards!

Garage Lounge (023 9282 8432) 
1 Albert Rd Buildings, Southsea PO5 2SP
The latest buzz in town and a beautiful setting in a place used to be a car garage. Trendy looking crowds usually hang out there. I like the free wi-fi and the million-to-choose-from varieties of tea and I do love their rolls filled with sausages or roast beef for lunch, elegantly served on a wooden board. Don’t walk away without sampling one of the many cakes in their cupboard.

Like A Tea Tray In The Sky (023 9273 1903) 
31 Osborne Road, Southsea PO5 3LR
Vintage chic like no other and Nicky and her staff at the Tea Tray know how to have fun. Along with the delicious cakes she bakes with fairy tale looking fruit toppings, you will find some eclectic mix of art and craft. Their food menu is simple but very tasty. Even a simple egg sandwich looks absolutely scrumptious. It’s also so lovely to sit down and have tea in a variety of vintage china. Just what you need for both body and soul refresher! Psst...don’t forget to ask for ‘Maricar’s Choice’

Twigs The Cafe (023 9282 8316) 
39 High Street, Southsea PO1 2LU
If you’ve walked all the way to Old Portsmouth or starting your walk from there, go visit the Twigs.  They serve delicious coffee with gorgeous looking cakes; you would want to invent any excuse to go in after a visit to the Cathedral of St Thomas.

These are just five to start with, but you will find that Southsea is full of lovely cafes in which you will want to sit back and relax, whether after shopping or after a long walk. 

If you have a pooch companion, you might just want to socialise in the only place we have to cater especially for dog owners – Sellers Coffee House, 1 Kent Road, Southsea PO5 3EG (07834 526443)

Enjoy your day!


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