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Southsea has a monthly farmers market which I really love because Palmerston precinct where it's held becomes even more alive and buzzing. It is also a perfect opportunity to find some fresh or unusual local produce, that's not available in the local supermarkets.

I also love meeting the vendors and chatting with them online, anticipating the next market. So I decided that I should really feature some of them on this page.

Before the last market, I received a sweet tweet from @BubbleandMarita which prompted a conversation about bubble and squeaks, suitable toppings and the idea of this posting. So let me introduce you...

Bubble& is a local street food phenomenon that has redefined bubble and squeak as we know it. They have created gourmet, gluten-free bubble and squeak cakes in a range of flavours that you can eat hot on their market stall with a soft poached egg, bacon and hollandaise sauce.

They are so good, you may also want to take them home. So they have designed ‘bubbles’ for you to take home and pop in the oven.

They trade regularly in Southsea through the Hampshire Farmers’ Markets and Love Southsea Markets. Yes, so you can have them more than just once a month!

Should you wish to feast on their renowned menu creations more often (greedy!), you can find them at street food events and festivals around London and the South East, where they serve their bubbles with creative, sumptuous toppings. What's more, they also all gluten free.

Bubble&’s first seed was planted by Rupert Smith – or Mr Bubble, as he’s known around these parts. An idea that sprung to life after 20 years’ dedication to fine restaurant and pub kitchens from London to Melbourne (with some European stops along the way), the tweaking of bubble and squeak into a delectable concept has become Rupert’s higher calling. You will normally find him on the market stall, poaching eggs faster than anyone you know.

Associate Numero Uno to the Bubble& movement is Marita Lietz – or Mrs Bubble, as she’s known around these parts. A melting pot of cultures and skills, Marita’s global professional experience cements her at the forefront of nurturing and spreading the Bubble& word. You will normally find her on the market stall, describing Bubble& dishes at the rate of 501 words per minute!
So make sure you say hello to Rupert and Marita the next time you see them in Southsea!
Got any questions for them? You can contact them
by email info@bubbleand.co.uk
check their website www.bubbleand.co.uk
or give them a ring on 07717370226



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