Cooking for me is about practice

In my kitchen, magic happens. You have seen the photos and some of your have tasted the results.

It's not overnight that I become good at cooking. It's the results of years of trying out dishes and being adventurous. If I had not been adventurous, then I won't be as good as I am today. It's as simple as that.

The first time I fried a fish, I hacked it to pieces from turning it over and over. My mother taught me to be patient and only turning the fish once and to handle the food ever so gently; but with decisive actions.

Cooking for me is about practice and perfecting a dish. It is also about adapting to things such as a busy time table, a friend's gluten intolerance, or what's in season. I love the challenge of cooking a vegetarian meal, as well as a new type of fish, or cut of meat. Sometimes it is about trying out an ingredient.

So if you want to be good at anything, try and try again!

(the picture above is my tried and tested, and often varied 'bacon pasta')


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