Four ways to cook chicken

Keeping to the barbecue theme, chicken drumsticks are perhaps the easiest part of chicken to cook on the barbecue. It's easy to handle at the bone end.

What to do with your chicken is very easy to answer! Here are some of my favourite flavouring:

Oyster Sauce - this very versatile sauce liven up any chicken dish, whether you stir fry it or stick it on the barbecue

Teriyaki Sauce - The Japanese answer to a barbecue sauce and it's simply good!

Honey mustard - a tablespoon each of honey and wholegrain mustard for 8-10 drumsticks would give it a continental flavour.

Garlic and chilli - this must be my all time favourite and the best combination of flavours in the world; try it for yourself! Add some lime for a Thai twist.

Light the barbie, or on a rainy day, eat it indoors with your pretty picnic plates.


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