Happy new year. Happy new you?

I'm not one of those for making any new year resolutions. I did a lot as a teenager only to suffer the anxiety of not quite measuring up to my own idea of perfection.

This new year there will be no 'new me'. It will be the same old me, still trying to work on some of my 'weakness' but also trying to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Yes, of course I could do with some exercise. Who doesn't?

It is a good idea to want to be healthier, but like anything it takes time. Resolutions for improvement should be given a full year to develop and not just the next 30 days.

So cast your eyes a little bit further to next Christmas and make yourself some goals, some of which perhaps should be more accessible than others.

Here's my list:
1. Go to at least 6 Parkrun sessions
2. Eat my lunch away from my desk
3. Talk to my sister on the telephone rather than texting
4. Write 2 blog posts a month
5. Draw 1 picture a week, any size
6. Have cake with Haley 3 times
7. Walk on the seafront once a month

No, I won't be running any marathon this year but if I can stick to the above, I'm better than I was last year!


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