Children entertained

I'm really blessed where I live as it's near so many things. So when we had three children to entertain, we took them on a walk along Albert Road where there were many shop windows to peer into. We ended up in the Tenth Hole tea room and a lunch of cakes followed. There were so many cakes to choose from that it took some time to get sorted. The eating was slow and relaxing. Followed by a long walk along the seafront.

First stop was the playground and Canoe Lake. Lots of running to begin with and then the attempts to push each other into the shallow water.

After that we walked along the pebble beach where there were a few walkers with their dogs that entertained the children. People to watch on the promenade and the sea to watch with boats and ferries coming and going.

We found the hills where the children decided to roll down as a form of entertainment. And outside Southsea Castle there was a rectangular pool which the children were peering into for a bit and then they decided to time themselves running around the perimeter of the pool.

After that there were the tanks outside the D-Day Museum that had to be climbed on and then we had to cross the Southsea Commons watching the marquees and barricades being erected for the Great South Run.

Then more walks as we head to Gunwharf Quays for a spot of shopping. Guhwharf Quays is a great place to keep everyone happy. First we had smoothie for a drink from Tesco's and then there is the Thornton's shop to check out. We left the kids with the men at the pub while the women went shopping.

When all was exhausted, we walked home to dinner. An excellent day filled easily and without costing the earth. I love Southsea!


  1. I love the 10th hole, great selection of cakes... I must confess I rarely finish them!

  2. It is a struggle and I don't know whether to choose sweet or savoury. Sweet wins all the time.


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