Carpe diem!

First thing this morning, I heard of the death of a great aunt. I didn't know she had cancer and last night she collapsed, went into a coma and died.

Only yesterday I was pondering about death and how unexpected it can be. That singer Amber died while at the operating table, so unexpected to get a complication on a routine knee surgery. And the woman in Tenerife who was decapitated on entering a supermarket. Such a random chance.

I used to get depressed thinking about death and how I would go etc. Strange, I know, but at some point we all must have thought about it. I was only little and so my expectation of death was more scary. I think it was the fact that I might go somewhere strange without anyone I know.

Somehow now the thought that I won't be conscious of anything when I'm dead is rather comforting. Nothing to worry about.

What these deaths remindes me of is that we must take each day as it comes and cram it full of what you want to do. You don't know when the end is, so live life to the fullest!

I don't mean drink to death or take drugs, but I do mean do not be limited by your fears.

Seize the day! Carpe diem!

And may you have fun doing it.


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