Happy New Year

I hope this year is full of possibilities for you!

We have started the year well with some amazing Stargazing events at the Spinnaker Tower. Cosmologists from the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation were showing sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for astronomy, alongside members of the Hampshire Astronomical Group, the British Science Association and Astrium.

Next month we will host the biggest Dickens birthday celebration, marking the bicentenary of his birth. All eyes will be on his birth place Portsmouth. I will be telling you more about what will be happening for this Dickens year.

As on Monday 23 January we are also going to celebrate Chinese New Year, I wish you all double happiness.

Here are some photos from the Spinnaker Stargazing event on 17 January.

Building a planisphere

A telescope waiting for the stars

Simon and the comet he created
Getting excited about astronomy!


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