World Music Series: Gamelan Orchestra

University of Portsmouth's Music Director, Colin Jagger, has secured a new partnership with Portsmouth Cultural Trust to launch a World Music Series. 

The first in a series of events showcasing World Music will take place on Wednesday 11th March at the Portsmouth Guildhall. This event will feature an interactive performance by the Southbank Gamelan Players at 1:30pm, followed by a workshop at 3.00pm.

The gamelan consists predominantly of beautiful percussion based instruments, comprising gongs, drums and metallophones, but with the addition of softer embellishing instruments including the bamboo flute (suling), spike fiddle (rebab) and voice.

Traditionally, gamelan music is used for entertainment, ceremonial purposes, social gatherings and storytelling in conjunction with dance and shadow-puppet theatre, and to reflect this a wide variety of repertoire will be presented. Southbank Gamelan Players – Ensemble in Residence at Southbank Centre, London – will be joined by dancer Ni Made Pujawati for a mixed programme of traditional music and dance from Central Java.

Ni Madé Pujawati is a graduate of the Indonesian National Conservatory and the Institute of Arts, and is recognized as a leading young performer of Balinese dance-opera, Arja. She is artistic director of the London-based dance group, Lila Bhawa, and is dancer-in-residence with the Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar, Lila Cita, and the Semar Pagulingan, Puja Semara Kanti, based at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

The event marks the beginning of a series of World Music performances, which will be a new addition to the city’s cultural programme. The University of Portsmouth’s Director of Music Colin Jagger, who is coordinating the series, said;

“It is very exciting to have the Southbank Gamelan Players coming to the Guildhall – they are a truly remarkable ensemble and both aurally and visually it will be an extremely colourful event.”

Book your place for the free concert and workshop.

Date: Wednesday 11 March 2015
Time: Concert 1.30pm, Workshop 3.00pm
Venue: Portsmouth Guildhall
Telephone: 023 9284 3023


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